William Koch - wmkoch.com

Hi. I am a graphic, multimedia, and web designer. See below for some samples of my work. Feel free to contact me at any time.

Note: All of my work is not featured here due to confidentiality issues.


Over the years, graphic design has become my passion. Below are some highlights of my work.


Web design has been an interest of mine from a very young age. Interactivity and animation really fascinate me, so I try to make my websites as clean, professional, and engaging as possible, all depending on the clients needs and wants.

HCB - Health Care Billing of St. Charles - Website Design and Responsive Construction - 2013
Credit Control - Website design and construction - 2012
The Orthopedic Center of St. Louis - Website Design and Construction - 2012 toc-stl.com
PRS - Pain and Rehabilitation ---
Client changed dempographic focus - Preview Here
Anodyne Surgical - Website Design and Construction - 2010 anodynesurgical.com
Dr. John Krause - Website Design and Construction - 2011 drjohnkrause.com
St. John's UCC New Athens - Website Design and Construction - 2009 stjohnuccnewathens.com
Bollards By Barnes - Website Design and Construction - 2010 bollardsbybarnes.com


Advanced Skills
  • - Photoshop
  • - Illustrator
  • - Indesign
  • - Dreamweaver
  • - HTML
  • - CSS
  • - Acrobat Pro
  • - Final Cut Pro
  • - DVD Studio Pro
  • - GarageBand
Basic Skills
  • - After Effects
  • - Premiere
  • - Flash
  • - Maya 7
  • - QuarkXpress
  • - 3 years professional experience
  • - Tight deadlines
  • - In House printing
  • - Fast paced
  • - Working with many different plants


Below are some animation projects I've completed - created in After Effects and Maya.

Bedroom modeled in 3D
Bedroom modeled in 3D

3D Bedroom

OMG a Divider!

Maya, Photoshop

A small bedroom built and modeled in Maya. Textures were made from photographs, edited with Photoshop.

Bathroom modeled in 3D
Bathroom modeled in 3D

3D Bathroom

OMG a Divider!

Maya, Photoshop

A small bathroom built and modeled in Maya. Textures were made from photographs, edited with Photoshop.

Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer - Moment Music Video
Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer - Moment Music Video

Music Video

OMG a Divider!

After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop

A music video I created for the band Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer. I used existing characters and developed the rest. All pieces were drawn in illustrator and imported into After Effefcts

Zombie Turntable
Zombie Turntable

3D Zombie

OMG a Divider!

Maya, Photoshop

Zombie Character designed in Maya. Textures were painted by hand to give the project a unique feel. I also designed a small, desolate city as an environment for the character.


These are some samples of artwork I've done. I have a passion for digital art, but this all stems from my love of traditional mediums.

'A Collage' Painted a collage made from magazines and books.
Acrylic on Board
'Pirate Ship' Contour Pirate Ship
Ink Line Drawing
'Bjork' A portrait of Bjork.
'Breakfast Macabre' Still life of a destroyed breakfast.
Charoal on Paper
'Dragon Eye' Close up of a dragon eye.
Metallic Scratch Board
'Silver and Cold' Painting of a winter landscape.
Oil on Canvas
'Spider' Close up of a tarantula.
Charcoal Pencil on Paper


Here are some social media sites I am active on.


You can contact me at any of the following links and I will respond as soon as possible.

Home E-mail    williamfkoch@gmail.com

Work Email    williamk@bfmgroupinc.com


I love free design resources. I plan on adding more, but for the time being here is a free font I based off of my handwriting. It includes many hand drawn glyphs. Free for commercial and personal projects.

Free Font - "OMG! Write Like William!" (preview below)

Use this as a web font - Copy the code below

@font-face {
	font-family: 'OMGWriteLikeWilliam';
	src: url('OMGWriteLikeWilliam.eot');
	src: local('OMGWriteLikeWilliam'), 
	url('OMGWriteLikeWilliam.ttf') format('truetype'),
	url('OMGWriteLikeWilliam.svg#OMGWriteLikeWilliam') format('svg'); 
.style {
	font-family: 'OMGWriteLikeWilliam', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;

Download the font package - place it in your root folder

Download from Dafont